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Foundation of YRMC supports local nurses' professional growth, fostering improved patient care in Yuma.

With a commitment to supporting the growth and retention of local healthcare professionals, the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is proud to announce that 20 YRMC nurses have been awarded Webb Scholarship funding to pursue advanced certification in critical care. Not only will this help them further their careers, but this also supports YRMC’s dedication to continuous improvement and providing exceptional care.

The Webb fund granted a total of $10,000 to this group of nurses, covering all expenses related to the certification, including fees, books, and supplies. Webb Scholarship recipients are passionate YRMC nurses who work full-time and are looking to advance their careers and expertise in the critical care field.

Genevieve Machado, DNP, FNP-BC, a former two-time Webb Scholarship recipient and board-certified nurse practitioner, is a shining example of how these funds make a difference in the careers of our local nurses. When patients receive care from Machado, they benefit from her exceptional education, longtime experience in challenging nursing roles, and unwavering dedication to their well-being. During her time as a Registered Nurse, she completed a Master of Science in Nursing and subsequently pursued a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification. Today, as a Nurse Practitioner at Transitional Care Services, she serves some of the most at-risk members of the community at this YRMC clinic, which boasts a readmission rate of 3%, significantly lower than the national average of 15%.

“When donors like the Webb family give, they are supporting the community by providing the means for local professionals to advance their careers and better take care of our patients. This is also an incredible incentive for the growth and retention of local nurses,” says Machado. “The Webb Scholarship provided a way for me to further this critical piece of my education at the University of Arizona and more significantly, it empowered me professionally and has allowed me to give back to my community in a meaningful way.”

Brittney Koepplin, an emergency room nurse and one of the latest recipients of the Webb Scholarship, expressed gratitude for the support and resources she has received since joining YRMC more than a year ago.

“As a nurse with almost seven years of experience in various hospitals, I have to say that YRMC stands out in terms of resources and support. I appreciate how the hospital encourages nurses to pursue advanced certification, which benefits not only our professional growth but also the community at large. Studies have shown that doing so leads to better outcomes, lower mortality rates, higher patient satisfaction, and fewer complications,” says Koepplin. “On behalf of my fellow Webb Scholarship recipients, I want to express our gratitude. We’re eager to support each other, study together, and achieve this goal as a team so that we can provide the best possible care to those who come to the emergency department.”

The Foundation of YRMC has a long-standing history of service to Yuma County students and professionals. This important work is made possible by the generous support of families like the beloved Webbs. The Dr. Dale F. and Lyndis A. Webb Scholarship Fund was established by the family in honor of the late Dr. Dale F. Webb, Yuma’s first cardiothoracic surgeon, and Lyndis A. Webb, a long-time nurse at Yuma Regional Medical Center. The fund recognizes Dr. Webb’s appreciation for nurses and their critical role in the work of healing.

To learn how you can support local healthcare professionals to advance their careers, please visit