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As Nurses Week approaches, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) proudly shines a spotlight on the remarkable journey of one of its own, Rudy Bernal, RN. Rudy’s path from boiler room operator to devoted nurse and diabetes educator serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities in healthcare and the supportive community at YRMC, where colleagues nurture talent and encourage personal and professional growth.

Rudy began his career at YRMC in 2001 as a member of the facilities team, working as a boiler room operator to ensure the hospital is heated and has enough hot water for sterilization and other related uses. Despite starting in a non-clinical role, Rudy’s interactions with nursing staff and witnessing his wife’s passion for nursing sparked his interest in healthcare. Inspired by his peers and driven by a desire to serve his community, he decided to pursue nursing as his second career.

Rudy began his educational journey with the help of YRMC’s tuition reimbursement program. Overcoming challenges along the way, he graduated from NAU’s Nursing program in 2021. Rejoining YRMC as a nurse in 2022, he initially worked in the ICU before specializing as a diabetes educator.

Throughout his educational journey, Rudy found unwavering support and encouragement from his colleagues at YRMC. His temporary move from maintenance to patient care services to accommodate his nursing school schedule reflects the hospital community’s commitment to supporting individual career growth and development.

Reflecting on his journey, Rudy shares, “Nursing is not an easy career, but it is incredibly rewarding. Stepping out of my comfort zone was daunting, but it led me to a path where I could truly make a difference in people’s lives.”

In his role as a diabetes educator, Rudy takes great joy in empowering patients to manage their conditions effectively. Through education and support, he witnesses the transformative impact on patients’ lives, as they gain confidence in managing their health.

“I urge others considering a career change or advancement to embrace the challenges and be patient with the journey. Each obstacle you overcome is a stepping stone toward personal growth and professional fulfillment, leading to a rewarding career in healthcare.”