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I'm Funded, What's Next?

Once an McDaniel Grant Application has been approved, there are a series of tasks that will need to be completed throughout the year. Below is quick glance at the McDaniel Grant post-approval requirements. 

Funding Distribution

  • General Grant Funding: Half of the funding will be distributed at the beginning of the grant cycle, after the official request letter has been obtained. After submission of an adequate, comprehensive, and timely mid- year reporting the second wave of funding will then be distributed. This is to encourage proper management of distributed funds. 
  • Education and Equipment Purchasing Funding: If the grant monies are to be used for education and/ or the purchasing of equipment, you may request full grant monies at the beginning of the grant cycle. You must provide the official funding request letter, as well as provide supporting justifications before funding will be granted. 


  • Quarterly Progress Reports - Due on March 31 and September 30. Must be submitted online.
  • Mid- year and End of Year Report and Budget Form - Due on or before June 30 and December 31. Must be submitted via Postal Mail.
  • All grantees are required to schedule a meeting with fund development specialist, Lindy Murdock, during the second week of January, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. The mandatory, 30 minute meeting, may be scheduled at any time during this week and is intended to teach the necessary budget tracking spreadsheet devised for each individual McDaniel grant. Please schedule the meeting with the person, or persons, which will be responsible for budget tracking and reporting. You must schedule your meeting no later than January 5th by e-mailing [email protected].

Repercussions for Tardy Reporting

  • The Foundation is entitled to terminate the contract immediately.
  • The Foundation is entitled to revoke prior funding and discontinue disbursements for second wave funding.
  • The Foundation may disallow the grantee the opportunity to seek funding in the following year’s grant funding cycle.  

Unused or Remaining Grant Monies

In the instance the Grantee neglects to exhaust all of the monies funded, the Grantee must return said unused monies to the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center. We are unable to grant “no cost extensions”. 

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