Clinical Trials

Yuma Regional Medical Center first began offering clinical trials in 2013 as part of our commitment to provide the latest treatment options to our patients and enable them to participate in cutting-edge research studies without having to travel to another city. Clinical trials enable physicians to translate new scientific developments into treatments that may be valuable to our patients. Many of the treatments and medications used on a regular basis today were made possible by past clinical trials and the patients who participated in them.

At Yuma Regional Medical Center we currently conduct clinical trials in both cardiology and oncology. Patients who decide to participate in our Institutional Research program will have the highest level of patient treatment and care in a compassionate and supportive environment.

For general information about Institutional Research at Yuma Regional Medical Center, please call 928-336-2972. To find out if you may be eligible for a current clinical trial speak to your physician.

Couple interested in clinical trials
Search our list of clinical trials currently offered at Yuma Regional Medical Center.
Couple Learning About Clinical Trials
Participation in a clinical trial is entirely voluntary, and if you choose to enroll, you may have access to and benefit from new investigational treatments.
Patient Asking Questions About Clinical Trials
We've provided a list of commonly asked questions regarding clinical trials.
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