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Dr. Simon Lavotshkin's expertise in robot-assisted surgery expands minimally invasive options to YRMC patients.



Since 2019, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) has treated more than 2,500 patients with the da Vinci Xi Surgical System®, an advanced robotic system that uses a minimally invasive approach to surgery. Doctors like YRMC general surgeon Simon Lavotshkin, MD, are embracing the da Vinci Xi Surgical System®, providing patients in Yuma with treatment plans that use cutting-edge options that lead to quicker recovery times.

Dr. Lavotshkin is currently one of the most experienced da Vinci general surgeons in the United States, bringing his experience in highly complex procedures to the Yuma community in 2021. The robotic system gives surgeons high-definition 3D vision that enables them to operate with greater accuracy and even more control. Utilizing the four robotic arms, surgeons have the ability to make incisions as small as 7 millimeters, resulting in less invasive surgery with better cosmetic outcomes and shorter recovery time.

“I strive to provide the best treatment options for all my patients and am a passionate advocate for a minimally invasive approach to medicine and surgery, when it is the best course of treatment,” said Dr. Lavotshkin. “Robotic-assisted surgery allows for less tissue damage, fewer complications, less scarring and offers a quicker recovery – which is key. Not only has it been a rewarding journey to bring this type of care to Yuma residents, but it has also been gratifying to mentor the next generation of da Vinci general surgeons here in our community,” continued Dr. Lavotshkin.

YRMC introduced its first da Vinci robot in 2019, with a second robot added in 2023. When doctors look for a place to practice medicine or relocate, technology is often a major influence in that decision. YRMC continues to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to advanced treatments and modern techniques, which includes but is certainly not limited to robotic-assisted surgery. Creating an environment focused on excellence and high quality care helps attract high quality doctors and providers.

“As technology continues to progress, we see the impact new equipment can have on the medical field. As surgeons we look ahead for the latest advancements in surgery and look forward to providing these options to our patients here in Yuma.”

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