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In the gentle strokes of a brush and the vivid hues of a canvas, one can find comfort, inspiration and healing. Guided by the enduring pillar of “Putting Patients First,” Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Cancer Center proudly presents Art Heals, an initiative that seeks to transform its center into a haven of hope, serenity and resilience through the power of art. The talented artists of our region are invited to join this transformative journey, as YRMC extends a call for submissions that will adorn its walls with beauty and uplift the spirits of its patients and their families.

Art Heals is more than just an exhibit; it’s a testament to the healing potential of artistic expression. YRMC recognizes the importance of artistic expression in creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Artwork has the power to infuse the space with comfort, optimism and joy, offering a profound source of strength for patients.

“Throughout my journey as a cancer survivor, painting became my therapy,” said Lora Dana, who leads the art selection committee. “Knowing that my finished pieces are helping brighten another person’s day is beyond special.”

Art Heals is currently accepting submissions from creators of all wall art media types. Submissions that reflect themes of serenity, hope, healing and joy are encouraged. The selected pieces will be chosen by a committee including cancer survivors and patients. Artwork will showcased for a period ranging from 90 to 365 days.

Submissions will be accepted through February 15, 2024.

The grand opening of this transformative exhibit is scheduled for spring 2024 and will be celebrated with a semi-formal evening reception. As an added benefit, artists will have the opportunity to display prices for their showcased pieces.

To submit your work for consideration, please visit For questions or more information about Art Heals submissions, please call (928)336-7545 or email .

Background: The Power of Art Heals

Art Heals was officially unveiled in the fall of 2016, creating a restorative and calming atmosphere for patients, families and caregivers throughout the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center. The paintings, drawings, photographs and pieces of sculpture are on exhibition throughout the Cancer Center. The art brightens spaces ranging from waiting areas and hallways to areas where patients receive treatments.

“When YRMC was planning to build the new Cancer Center in 2015, we asked our community what they wanted to see included,” said Machele Headington, SVP of Marketing and Communications. “One of the top responses was to create a warm, non-sterile environment for patients and families. Art Heals was developed as a direct result of that valuable feedback.”

In addition to the art pieces themselves, Art Heals also features Weaving a Legacy, a tapestry woven together by the hands of cancer patients and their loved ones. Each ribbon, strip of cloth or colorful memento making up this beautiful tapestry honors a patient’s courageous journey.

Along with each artist’s creation, the displays also feature biographical information about the artist. The majority of the works are for sale, with a portion of proceeds benefiting local cancer care. Most participating artists express interest in helping create a comfortable and healing environment at the Cancer Center. Several artists are cancer patients, survivors or loved ones.