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Community | Press Release

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is proud to share the success and impact of its new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. The RPM program, which launched in October 2023, assists patients who are at risk of readmission –  or returning to the hospital as a patient – within 30 days of being discharged, or sent home. The RPM program provides them with convenient monitoring technology and support from the comfort of their homes.

“In the span of just a few months, this program has proven to be a transformative tool in enhancing patient care and driving positive health outcomes for patients and families,” says Sara Buchanan, RN, and RPM program manager. “We aim to keep patients from returning – or being readmitted – within 30 days because an avoidable hospital readmission can result in adverse outcomes and financial burdens for patients.”

The RPM program has successfully reduced hospital readmissions and promoted proactive healthcare management. Notably, there were no readmissions recorded in October, November, and December of 2023, and January 2024, highlighting the program’s success. Currently there are 55 patients enrolled in the program.

RPM’s success can be attributed to its comprehensive features and benefits, including:

  • Simple setup and user-friendly interface
  • Vital sign and symptom monitoring for early intervention
  • Medication reminders
  • Educational videos to encourage patient engagement
  • HIPAA-compliant virtual visits and weekly calls connecting patients directly with their healthcare providers

Through telehealth visits and digital medical devices, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and blood glucose meters, patients can remotely monitor risk alerts and vitals captured with Bluetooth biometric monitoring devices and communicate with healthcare providers in real time daily through in-app videos, phone and text messaging. The program also provides priority bandwidth network access to support rural communities in transmitting vitals and messages effectively.

“It’s a very close monitoring system,” adds Buchanan. “If blood pressure is too high or too low, the system flags it, and we call the patient to check in on them. By delivering personalized care and instant support to our patients, we significantly reduced the need for hospital readmissions while solidifying our commitment to advance healthcare for Yuma residents.”

The RPM program offers significant benefits, but it is important to note that it may not be suitable for all patients. Those interested in the program should reach out to their healthcare provider to discuss eligibility.