Is Your Increased Property Tax Justified?

Yuma hospital truthWe have had several people call YRMC to question why they are suddenly seeing a hospital tax on their property tax bill. Here’s what we know:

On the issue of property taxes, the Hospital District is a Special Taxing District under Arizona law. Under very limited and specific circumstances, the law allows Hospital Districts to levy a property tax. YRMC encourages any property owner in Yuma County to review Arizona Revised Statutes §48-1901 through §48-1919.

We are not here to provide any legal advice or guidance, or take a political position. However, since the Hospital District has chosen to blame YRMC for the “need” to impose an additional property tax on Yuma County property owners so it can pay its lawyers, these questions need answers:

  • How can this tax be assessed without a public vote?
  • What specifically are these tax dollars being used for?

It is unfortunate the public does not receive the truth around the circumstances involved with assessing this tax, because the public has a right to know if the Hospital District is truly on its side in imposing this tax.

This point needs to be clear: YRMC has not, nor has it ever, requested any tax revenue to pay its operating expenses.