Pain Management and Palliative Care

An important aspect of our commitment to compassionate care at Yuma Regional Medical Center is the effective management of any pain the patient is experiencing. Since pain is unique to each individual, the cancer care team at Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center creates a personalized pain management plan for each patient. This plan may include medications and other therapies such as massage or acupuncture to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

We also offer palliative care which is designed to improve the quality of life for patients who have a serious disease such as cancer. The goal of palliative care is to address the symptoms and side effects of the disease and to meet the patient’s psychological, social and spiritual needs. Palliative care can be provided at any time during a patient’s cancer journey, from the time of diagnosis forward.

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Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

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Patient Seeking Support

If you are experiencing worry, anxiety, sadness or other emotions, you don’t have to travel this journey alone. Caring, compassionate support is available from one of our trained and certified Chaplains.

Patient Seeking Support
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