Supportive Care

Studies have shown that patients who take advantage of supportive care services have better coping skills, experience improved mood levels, get better sleep and are able to tolerate their treatments with more ease.

At Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, we offer the following supportive care services:

Nutritional Services – Our nutritionists can assist you in planning an optimal diet during every stage of your cancer journey and help you cope with any side effects you may experience.

Spiritual Care Members of our Department of Spiritual Care are available 24 hours a day to care for the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, their families and visitors. Our staff is comprised of professionally trained, inter-faith chaplains.

Acupuncture – This complementary medical practice can help cancer patients manage their pain and alleviate the side effects of treatment.

Massage Therapy – We partner with Arizona Western College to provide massage therapy services to cancer patients in a room at the center that is specially designed to create a soothing, relaxing environment. Massages have been found to be beneficial to patients both before and after treatment.

Reiki – A Japanese technique used to reduce stress, aid in relaxation and promote healing.

Vitality Series - We partner with the Arizona Western College to provide this specialized series which offers classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation and other relaxation-enhancing activities.

If you have any questions about the supportive care services offered at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, please call us at 928-317-2518.

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