Your Family & Community Medicine Residency at Yuma Regional Medical Center will prepare you to meet today’s medical challenges as well as those of tomorrow. Our three-year curriculum includes four elective months and a strong focus on practice management and medical ethics. This unique program focuses on conscientious, evidence-based healthcare and emphasizes the critical role of the family physician in the continuum of care for families.

At Yuma Regional Medical Center, you’ll find a supportive and collaborative atmosphere that will help you become a well-prepared graduate. As a resident, you will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of environments, including the physician’s office, our hospital and our local community. You will gain real world clinical experience and receive high-quality, personalized instruction to help you develop the skills you will need to build a successful career in family medicine. 

Technology will also play an important role in your residency at Yuma Regional Medical Center. You will gain valuable, hands-on experience with our EPIC electronic health record system and have access to the New Innovations resident education suite of applications designed to help you track your medical training, scheduling, duty time, case logs, conferences and other aspects of your residency.

Our three-year Family & Community Medicine Residency curriculum includes the following rotations, each one based on a foundation of patient-centered, community-oriented care:


  • Family Medicine Principles (4 weeks)
  • Adult Inpatient Medicine (16 weeks)
  • Ambulatory Medicine (2 weeks)
  • Cardiology (4 weeks)
  • Population Health (1 week)
  • Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Gastroenterology (4 weeks)
  • Newborn (4 weeks)
  • Orthopedics (4 weeks)
  • Inpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
  • Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
  • Wellness (1 week)


  • Adult Inpatient Medicine (8 weeks)
  • Dermatology (4 weeks)
  • Diagnostic Imaging / Interventional Radiology (4 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Endocrinology (4 weeks)
  • Intensive Care Unit (4 weeks)
  • Nephrology (4 weeks)
  • Obstetrics (4 weeks)
  • Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
  • Surgery (4 weeks)
  • Women's Health (4 weeks)


  • Adult Inpatient Medicine (8 weeks)
  • Elective (12 weeks)
  • Geriatrics (4 weeks)
  • Hematology (2 weeks)
  • Management of Health Systems / Wellness Week (4 weeks)
  • Obstetrics (4 weeks)
  • Ophthalmology (2 weeks)
  • Otolaryngology (2 weeks)
  • Outpatient Pediatrics (4 weeks)
  • Psychiatry - includes Wellness Day (4 weeks)
  • Sports Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Wound Care (2 weeks)

If you have any questions about our Family & Community Residency program, please contact our Graduate Medical Education office at 928-336-2000 or [email protected] and a member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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