Guided Imagery

To enhance a patient’s healing process by assisting them with pain and stress management, the Spiritual Care team at Yuma Regional Medical Center offers an integrated therapy called Guided Imagery. This therapy can also be used to help patients prepare for surgery. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Guided Imagery:

How does Guided Imagery work?

Guided Imagery uses healing images which are created from the patient's memories, daydreams or their imagination. This mind-body practice focuses on creating positive interactions between the patient's emotions, thoughts and behaviors to promote their overall health and wellbeing. When combined with meditation, Guided Imagery can be used to help reduce anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, stress and/or the physical symptoms associated with illness or injury.

What is a Guided Imagery treatment like?
Read through the following example to get an idea of the types of images a patient is asked to focus on during a Guided Imagery session:

             Close your eyes.

             Breathe in deeply.

             Then exhale deeply.

             I invite you to see a beautiful place in nature . . . A beautiful, peaceful place that you may

             remember from another time or perhaps remember from a picture.

             Take a look around . . . What do you see? What are the colors of this wonderful place?

             Now listen . . . What do you hear? Are there singing birds, or waves crashing or the

             sounds of the wind rushing through the leaves of the trees?

             What do you feel? Take a step . . .

             Notice how the ground feels beneath your feet . . .

             Is the earth soft with sand or do you feel the crunch of pine needles?

             The breeze blows across your face and the temperature is just perfect for you.

             Notice how that feels . . .

             This place even has a taste . . . Is it the salty air and ocean mist or the sweetness of blossoms?

             Immerse yourself using all of your senses in this wonderful place of peace.

             I invite you to stay for a while and enjoy this soothing experience

             and when you are ready, you may take

             a lovely refreshing breath . . . Breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly ...

             and then return to this room . . . relaxed and refreshed.

What does it cost to have Guided Imagery therapy?
If you are a patient who has been admitted to Yuma Regional Medical Center, there is no charge for you to receive Guided Imaging treatments. If you are not a hospital patient, but would like to receive Guided Imagery therapy, please call 928-336-2599 for information on appointment times and fees.

How can I experience Guided Imagery?
To request Guided Imagery therapy, ask your nurse or call 928-336-2599. Your session can be led by a member of the Spiritual Care staff who is trained in Guided Imagery.

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